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Bangkok = Traffic, People and Noise...oh my! | Wandering Soup

Yep, we did Bangkok and I wasn't in the best of moods so my opinion may be slightly off and I'm acknowledging it from the get go.

I've been sorta excited about going to Bangkok for months now with no real expectations on what to expect outside of reading comments on the traffic and the heat. And traffic and heat is what we got. In spades. Get it? Spades...anyway.

We booked an Airbnb the night before our arrival, yea to last minute planning! With no real idea on what neighborhood we wanted to stay in but wanting to be near a BTS station/line. We did that. Unfortunately the apartment was about 90 minutes in traffic from the city center via car. It was also the size of a small shoe box with a see through sliding glass door for the master bedroom. Weird design. Cute but really weird.

That aside once we got on the train it was easy peasy to get to the sites we wanted to see first, The Grand Palace and the Temple of Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)! Unfortunately every bus and tour company in the world was at both sites that first day. Add to that the heat and the never ending selfies that interrupted pedestrian flow, it was a frustrating few hours.

We spent the rest of our limited time trying to find hard to find items in Cambodia such as a mattress pad and running in and out of malls and traffic. SE Asia loves malls and Amber does too. We logged an easy 8 to 10 miles daily exploring and of course eating. We eat a lot of Asian inspired meals in the U.S. and abroad so the food wasn't amazing to me. It was good but I expected that.

In the end, Bangkok felt like any major city in America with traffic congestion, people and noise. Will we go back? Possibly but only because the flight from Siem Reap is an hour or so and relatively cheap. Will we research where we will stay better? Yep.

Enjoy the pics and video below and tells us what you thought of Bangkok!


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