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Barbecue Club

By some odd quirk of fate I have become a member of a barbecue or supper club. We meet once a month at a local BBQ spot, matter of fact we are following this list and checking it twice - Atlanta's Best BBQ. So far so damn good. I've been to a few on my own but to go with folks and talk smoke rings and other bbq stuff is rather interesting. On a side note I am a huge BBQ competition fan, I've watched hours of this stuff on TV and in my mind I am now a judge. I can spot an overcooked brisket 30 feet away. One day I might open my own spot. Who knows. If so print out a copy of this blog and get a free

At this last meeting of the BBQ club we got into politics over 2 meats and a side. One person at the table voted for Trump. No, we didn't kill them or even disown them. I honestly wasn't surprised, though we did grill them as to the why. Their answer...."I thought Congress would check him more." Oh. Okay. All that to say, I still like them as a human. Matter of fact they are one of my fav's. Hopefully life and sitting next to me will change their mind in the upcoming elections.

My wife registered to vote in Georgia yesterday. After many many many requests from me to do so months ago. You and I both know voter fraud is rampant in the south, in the U.S. in general. Here's to hoping her paperwork doesn't get lost.

Next month's meeting of the BBQ club will take place at a Soul Food restaurant because we have northerners in the club who haven't had proper soul food. Every club needs a little diversity now and then.

All that to say, life is good. I ate BBQ. Good BBQ. Got pics. Other food pics mixed in there too. Enjoy, cause I did.

Happy Eating ya'll,


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