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Barcelona on a Budget!

I'm sorta cheap, I know this. It doesn't bother me at all. I say when you start falling in love you look for different vacation areas cause the one you loving on has ideas on where she wanna go. So here we are now, just now, looking for lodging cause life and other things have taken precedence. And these prices. These prices. My soul is hurt.

I'm cheap. I don't mind admitting that. I get really happy when I find great lodging at a reasonable price. Barcelona is not the city for reasonable. Matter of fact, reasonable isn't in the description for any lodging we have seen.

Everything under $700 for the week looks like we gonna come back home with guests. The four-legged biting kind. That or the water looks stale coming down the drain. Yes, I can smell it through the pictures. Or we gonna get robbed. Not of money but of everything. Bags, passports, Everything.

But we going cause the wife is excited! This trip was a Christmas present to her from me and the dog. The dog thinks she is going, I think. Anyway does anyone have some suggestions on cheap, bed bug-free lodging? If so throw it our way, we are open!

Amber is planning the itinerary, I only want some good food and a few museums. Not sure what she wants to see/do as of yet, but we both love lists so I expect to receive hers any day now. I did make reservations at this place that has a Michelin star or two. The food pics look amazing. And small. Like we gonna be hungry $200 later small. I'm still debating cause, I'm cheap. But Michelin star. Oh my.

All that to say, we having a post wedding BBQ in September. You should come. Bring soda. And fruit.


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