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Barcelona...owes us nothing

Except most of the money spent in restaurants. Most, not all but most definitely applies. And I'm not saying it was horrible, but it was bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good. If you're over 35 you will get that reference.

Once you move past the food, Barcelona was beautiful. Breathtaking even. Gaudi's work is amazing, the city is laid out in an easy manner, public transportation is fantastic and outside of the food, not that expensive to live in.

We arrived on an early Sunday afternoon, took the train to our home away from home via AirBnB and settled in to a late lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Great introduction, beautiful weather...and so so so so food. This should have been a hint of our upcoming food

We get into our AirBnB and on the surface its great, two bedroom flat, kitchen, get where I'm going. Only after a close inspection do we realize it's just not that clean. I'm talking scuff marks on every wall, a couch that has lived through a few stain wars and a bathroom that just needs a good wipe down. The was "family clean" but not company clean. If you are southerner you know what I mean by that phase. So anyway placed a quick call to AirBnB and the end result was a refund of some of our money. The owner provided additional items that made the place livable, not great but livable. As far as first time AirBnB experiences, it honestly wasn't the best and it reinforced my opinion on the difference between VRBO/Homeaway vs AirBnB. VRBO tends to be management companies with a lot of properties that are professionally maintained with a hotel level of cleanliness, AirBnB is mom and pops with whatever their standard is.

Anyway back to Barcelona. It is a beautiful city and the weather was text book perfect. Mid 70's with sun and a light breeze during the day and mid 60's at night. Perfect. So perfect that I fell asleep in the upper deck of the hop on - hop off bus. Like snoring sleep. In my defense the weather was perfect and that drive was long.

Over the next few days Amber and I are going to share our experiences in Barcelona in more detail along with passing on some tips for those planning on exploring this beautiful city in the future. And pictures, lots and lots of pictures and videos. My phone is rebelling and needs a serious purge and you my friends are the lucky recipients.


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