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Big Travel Groups Popping!....or Not? | Wandering Travel Tours

It happens, you post on the wide wide web that you are thinking on going on a trip to where ever floats your boat and 30 of your closest friends comment that they want to come along. Cause you know they love you and they love a good party!

I can feel the excitement, the possibilities, the energy!

And then the reality enters.

Reality is money. Reality is time. Reality is destination.

You originally said you wanted to go to Thailand in April for Sogkran and initially everyone was down til friends 25-30 realized they can't get off work and in fact, friend number 28 loses their job and you have to loan them a few hundred til life turns around.

Friends 20-25 decided that they want to bring their partners who in turn decide that they don't like you that much and don't want to spend their yearly vacation with you, they ain't going and as such 20-25 ain't going either.

No biggie you still have 19 dedicated friends, and with that you reach out to your friendly neighborhood Travel Agent for a price quote. Going to Thailand is relatively inexpensive but it ain't free so once friend 10-19 get the "real deal we going" pricing they drop out. They were broke on day 1 of planning but wanted to be a part of something.

No worries you still have 9 others, and hey it's a better party when you only have to worry about 9 people versus 30.

First deposit is due and friends 1-3 pay on time and quickly. Friends 4-9 pay slowly over the next month. Second installment is due and...there's an issue. Friend 3 got cursed out in group text because they wouldn't stop assuming that it was "their" trip and couldn't understand why the 3 page word document they sent out at 2:54am last Sunday, that detailed their rules for the trip and the extra money they would need to lead you on this merry adventure wasn't received with joy. So they aren't going.

Friends 5-9 want a refund because the last time ya'll hung out someone got in their feelings and now they have united under the umbrella of you suck.

Again no worries, we have 3 on board. Four people is the perfect number for a group trip. Money is returned where it can be returned and now it's a month before the trip and you and your bags are packed.

And that's all that's going. You and your bags because this is the norm for GROUP TRIPS. Family or Frat/Sorority trips are more apt to happen than friends. Still shouldn't stop you from planning one or even achieving one. Just be realistic.

1. Big numbers as mentioned work out best when its family or some type of organization grouping not friends.

2. Start out with 5 to 10 and expect half of that and you should be good to go.

3. If you want a group trip, plan for a time that works for all before even announcing that you want a group trip. If your friend group are all teachers, planning a trip in September wouldn't go over well.

4. Don't go overboard on the pricing unless your friend circle can afford it.

5. Don't over plan the day-to-day activities and expect changes and some tension. It's a group, things will happen.


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