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We're back. Life is settling into routine once again, and yet I'm online looking for our next trip or even a solo trip for self. Yep. I'm slightly addicted to traveling. Or maybe the idea of traveling because I honestly dislike the long flights that tend to be a part of my trips. Instant gratification should be my middle name because I want it. Now.

Either way we are sitting still for the next few months as a couple. Amber is doing a family cruise this summer. My maybe solo trip is going to be something cheap and less than 5hrs by air. I'm not looking to pull out any compression socks til our trip to Spain later on this year.

Speaking of Spain, Barcelona in fact, we have not looked for lodging. Or rather we have, and the sticker shock has kept me from continual looking or choosing. Jeez did we pick some expensive destinations this year or what? Next year we going back to the dollar-stretches-farther mode of traveling. Any recommendations that won't have me on a corner stacking dollars and stripping for quarters?

Speaking of next year, I thought of an interesting trip to put together 'cause I appear to have nothing else to do. Nothing. At. All. (Shades Retreat) Nope, nothing at all. Anyway introducing Wandering Soup Trips w/Others or something like that; I haven't decided on a name. Something simple though. The reason I'm doing this is because I've gotten comments and other things from those who see me travel and are either afraid of traveling, don't wanna go solo, or just don't want to do the planning. We got ya boo. For a fee. Cause ain't nothing free. No worries it's not a huge amount, just enough to cover the wrangling involved. There will be one trip next year, more than likely in September cause March just doesn't work out for me (Shades Retreat). Many moons from now. If interested keep watching the site and our FB page.

I started this blog with the intent to discuss what do you do when you are not traveling. The answer is simple. You live. Summer's coming. It's gonna be a scorcher. I'm excited. New air. New love. Concerts. Days in the park. Oh yes. Living.

Oh, we will still be posting blogs cause travel is bae. Vlogs are coming soon, once I get this editing thing down, and possibly a podcast. Summer events. Stay tuned.


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