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Cambodia "Steak" Tales...| Wandering Soup

I am not going to lie you have to be careful about the meat here. Not that it's not chicken or cow, looking at you Vietnam, but if it was killed yesterday morning and has been sitting in the sun with flies and other small beasts on it type of careful. I love the open market and one of these days I will venture out in the early am hours and purchase freshly butchered meat with no of these days.

In the meantime my choices are limited to the decent grocery stores here that have favorable late afternoon hours. And if I'm being honest they aren't any better than the outside markets due to not having the refrigeration process down pat. If you buy it that day, you must cook it that day. And there's nothing wrong with that except I prefer to shop and plan our meals once a week. I've let that go. I do two day shopping max now and my tummy and lower areas thank me.

One of the interesting things to witness is cows roam freely eating the grass...well across the street. And normally that wouldn't upset me because it's grass but everyone uses the grass across the street for everything. Dumpster, get my meaning. The cows don't seem to mind.

All that to say I must not either since I've actually eaten more beef than chicken since I've been here mainly because to me it's quickly obvious when it's bad, texture and smell wise more so than chicken when covered in stews and gravy's. I've eaten beef lok lak til I moo'd.

And this weekend I was craving beef in the form of a steak, a real thick and fatty ribeye. Yes I'm finally getting to the why of this blog. It's about this steak I had at the Steakhouse. It was so good that I had to write an entire blog about it. If you've stuck around this far here's the pic. To include my bone marrow appetizer which was okay...I was slightly hurt by that cause bone marrow is just one of those slutty fatty dishes that I stan for. This one tasted old and the marrow needed a little more browning on top.

Oh yea the steak came with four sauces and a big hunk of roasted garlic. The steak fries were a side that were fantastic as well.

And the last picture is of this amazing honey bread that I had for breakfast. It's bread with honey. I mean...what more can you ask for?

And yes I wrote an entire blog so I could tell ya'll about the amazing steak I had. I'm a Taurus and that really answers a lot of questions you may have.


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