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Can I be honest? | Wandering Soup

I miss American breakfasts.

That's it.

I read posts in various Travel Groups that ask questions like what is the one thing you would do differently about moving abroad or what is the main thing you miss from home while living abroad. And I feel really bad because mine is really hecka basic. I miss breakfast foods. I miss American breakfast foods. I miss grits! And I would have packed grits instead of say...socks. #Socklivesmatter but #gritsaremoreimportant

I know that breakfast is simple put a break from your overnight "sleeping" fast but still...grits. I miss brunch, good ole over indulgent brunch. Thick and fluffy pancakes with heavy syrup. And all the variations on chicken and waffles that every brunch place tries. Shout out to fish and grits!

Anyway with all that being said my hardest fought adjustment has been to accepting that soups/noodle combinations just aren't my thing in the morning. Which, looking at this tummy of mine, isn't a bad thing.

And I know I can cook all the things I miss but...yea I don't want to. At least not daily. I want to whip thru a drive thru or order a quick delivery with ease. Like I said I'm being honest. And syrup is pricey here! Who knew?

All that to say, not much except...Grits.


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