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Catching Up and Catching Flights! | Wandering Soup

We are here! Here being Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Yep once the gates opened up in Da Nang, we got the heck on up out of there. For various reasons, some obvious and the others more based on feelings.

The pandemic has made life interesting and yes a little bit on the difficult side. We started out this journey not knowing really how long SE Asia would be our home, open to all possibilities. Covid-19 didn't stop our journey but certainly changed the trajectory of things. We planned on being in Vietnam no more than 3 months possibly 4 and here we are 6 months later looking at an additional two months before we leave.

Fortunately we've loved the country and the people! Hanoi, Da Nang and now Ho Chi Minh City, the last stop on our three city tour. We have videos coming, heck we already have the new apartment vlog up. I'm excited, no we are excited for whats to come here and our next stop.

If you've been to this bustling city or want to see a part that you've heard about it, send us a message or comment below.

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