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Catching up and looking...

Looking at this new passport photo and wondering why oh why I take such ugly long term photo's. I mean I like what I look like, but damn. Dang. even. I smiled. I think. I made sure my hair was in place. I even smelled good. All this to end up looking three toned and stretched. I mean stretched. Morphed even. Ya'll remember how I "lost" my passport? If not here ya go... I'm slightly mad, I called the Chinese visa place her in Atl and asked if they would replace my visa for no cost. He quickly told me no. In essence I'm not going to China ever again. Wanna read about my trip to ya go.

Life ain't even fair.

What sucks also is that the channel line up changed today. I was really looking forward to watching People's Court at 9am. It didn't show til 11am. I'm disappointed in whoever made this decision. Like life decision disappointed.

And another thing...not really but it felt right to say that right there.

I'm sitting on the couch today making decisions. Big girl decisions and the two things above helped ease the tension of it all. Ima fly. That's the end result of it all. Ima fly. I'll show you my wings later. Promise.

And now on to planning. Big planning. For life and Barcelona. This trip was a Christmas present for Amber. She's honestly geeked. I'm all right with it but slowly getting to her level of geeked. Any places we should see? Eat? Comment below.

I'm also a little tired. Fought the cold of all colds this past weekend. It's those kid germs. They coughed for a few minutes one day and I ended up laying on the floor asking why my God had forsaken me. I heard that dengue fever was on the rise in Cambodia. Yea me. I can almost promise that I will get it. I'll make sure to blog about it between visits to the toilet.

Oh now I remember the other thing...the freaking brand new Logitech camera broke. So no Veeelogs til the new one arrives. By then I should have easily lost like 20 lbs, grew 5 inches and won the lottery.

But first dinner. I'm thinking on fish taco's. Catfish taco's. Anyone have a good recipe?


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