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Celebrating Friends and Books!

Every few month or so I try to share with the world a few of my friends and the "big things popping" stuff that they are doing. One of those friends is Fiona Zedde who has released TWO new books this year with a third available for pre-order!

Are you looking a great read? A love story? Intrigue? Paranormal?

Look no farther than Fiona's latest releases!

A young journalist goes undercover as an escort to bring down the powerful madame she thinks killed her sister. Shockingly, they fall in love. With gunplay.

Haunted? Hunted? When you need a safe place from disaster, heartbreak, or gods trying to break you and drain your blood… come to Sanctuary. It’s New York’s most exclusive club for magical beings and the backdrop of three sexy stories from three award winning authors.



Chance feels like an outsider in her group of queer friends—a masculine woman who desires other masculine women. Over the years, she does what she thinks is necessary to fit in, but when she gets the opportunity to truly love the way she needs, will Chance take it?

Get your read on!


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