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We are on the move! Well we will be in a few days. As we were discussing life in Vietnam and exploring more of the country recently and by recent I mean less than two weeks ago, I said why not revisit our original plan of living two months in three major cities of Vietnam (Hanoi, Da Nang and Saigon)? And with that we decided to move to Da Nang. Seriously ya'll the decision was literally one conversation in between British murder mystery episodes or possibly Paternity court. We do love our murder and foolishness.

Anyway we are excited about the possibilities of new faces, places and spaces! And even more important, a possible community. There is a big, and by big I mean for SE Asia, Black Expat community in Da Nang. I am hoping that we will get to spend some time around some of those members, fellowship and communion if you will.

We don't know what the world is going to bring our way in the next two months, what Covid-19 will do or mean for our continual stay in Vietnam but we are truly grateful for the time spent so far.

Shout out to Marci and Kathy with BOLT Traveling who have been awesome in sharing their experience and knowledge, looking forward to seeing them in Da Nang.


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