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Coffee Shops in Siem Reap - Gloria Jean's | Wandering Soup

I'm writing this and slightly perspiring cause it's warm in here. I'm thinking they don't believe in AC to much here. I mean it's not 95 in the shade in here but they could certainly turn the AC notch down a degree or two.

Gloria Jean's is a chain coffee shop that you may have visited on your travels or it could be a mainstay in your hometown. Either way it feels like a chain. Not that that's a bad thing but Siem Reap has amazing coffee shops with great service and some individuality.

Gloria Jean's is coffee in a spacious up and downstairs setting. It's well lighted and the chairs are comfortable. Great place to work for a number of hours, if you don't mind slightly sweating in an air conditioned building.

The coffee and tea that I had was good not great in big cups, I would ask for the smallest they have next time. The food, not so much. I took two bites of my beef lok lak and decided that diarrhea wasn't what I wanted for the next 24hrs. Could have been a one off and honestly I won't know because I probably won't order food again here.

Other than that, I would certainly come back to work for a few hours and show my support by ordering two to three drinks in thanks for the roomy accommodations, free wifi and semi comfortable AC.

Rating: 3.5 Star


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