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I'm currently sitting in Brown Coffee in Siem Reap, Cambodia and reflecting on life and all the brown in this shop. And there is lots of life and lots of brown to reflect on. In an elegant manner, life and coffee comes together at Brown.

Let's start with the size, this place is huge, gorgeous and slightly sexy in an upscale hotel lobby way. And because of its size, in part, it echoes. This isn't the place to come to work, at least not on a busy Friday afternoon. But if you want a good cup of coffee with friends this is the place to visit, to be "fly".

The wait staff is friendly and keep the place looking clean. One of the worst first world problems is to walk into a coffee shop and see tables with left over drinks and food. The horror of having to clean a table before you sit down. That's sarcasm folks if you don't get it.

Brown like most cafe's in Siem Reap offer all manners of drinks to include coffee (obviously), teas, fruit smoothies and food. From noodle dishes to pasta and burgers. You can come here for breakfast and stay for lunch. That's if the hard wooden seats don't take you out. There are a few cushion seats and couches so grab one of those if you are planning on staying awhile.

Wi-fi is free and no password is required, though there is a two hour window before you have to sign in again. No issue because it's free. Invest in a VPN if you are traveling and using Wi-fi outside of your home.

I had a latte, that was good. Not great, but good. Iced Lemon tea that was refreshing and a grilled pork dish with fries. It was a good break. The only weird thing was the bathroom. You could see into the male and female bathroom from either bathroom. Not the toilets, just the wash area. See it and a few other snapshots below.

Rating 3.8


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