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CoronaVirus and Us | Wandering Soup

I figured we should possibly write this quick blog to update everyone as we've received quite a few "Are ya'll okay?" type of questions, texts and emails.

It's been interesting being in the side center of things. The first few weeks of this "crisis" was interesting as it coincided with Chinese New Year and there was an influx of Chinese visitors as Malaysia currently has a permanent Chinese population of about 20%. Everyone work masks, when you could find them, and walked around with a look of fear in their eyes, as to be expected. The streets were less crowded, malls not quite empty but you could definitely see the difference from a week earlier.

Three weeks later and there is normalcy. Hardly any more masks, the people are moving around more and the malls are crowded on the weekend again. As of today we are great. Seriously, outside of a recent allergy induced runny nose yesterday, that only affected me, we are doing fine. Living life in Malaysia and experiencing all that it offers. I'm currently obsessed with shell out restaurants and Amber is loving the fact that she can eat bread again and they boy is in his room doing something on his computer.

In essence we are living our lives just like everyone else around us, shopping, visiting places and planning for the next steps. Sure there is a chance of us coming into contact with someone with the virus, about the same as someone who is in one of the five cities that the CDC has deemed the stopping point of those traveling from this part of the world. Speaking of...where to next? Tune in to find out...


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