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Cultural Norms and other things

When moving abroad there are some things that you should consider when relocating short and long term. And we want to stress that moving to a new location (country, state, city) after thinking this will be the one is actually pretty darn common.

With that in mind and of course reflecting back on our previous videos where we've covered the before steps or thoughts on moving abroad and even packing, we continue with what we think are the next 5 Steps for Moving Abroad!

In this video we focus on the thoughts that should be at the top of your list when looking for a new home country:

  1. Cultural Norms

  2. ​ Visa - Rules/Regulations

  3. ​ Dating

  4. ​ Community

  5. Racism

On the surface that's a lot but it can be narrowed down once you do your research! Below is our latest Vlog where we go into detail on what you should consider about the five items above.


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