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Day 14 - CoronaVirus Chronicles | Wandering Soup

It's been an interesting day so far, we are on day 4 of school for this week and there was a minor bump and more importantly a discussion. The discussion centered around him taking more ownership of his education and the process. It felt good to touch base with him regarding something he mentioned months ago but hasn't done anything to move toward.

We shall see what the future brings.

Brunch was breakfast burritos and noodles. You figure out which one of us had noodles. I ain't gonna lie I attempted to eat a bowl of noodles the other day, you know getting my mind right for a possible quarantine. I can't do it. I don't know how folks eat that mess. Tasted like starched salt.

On the other side of the food thing, Amber ordered dumplings from a local vendor that are hand made and they will be delivered tomorrow! All dumpling everything for the next few days.

Did I mention I'm tired of cooking. I am.

I haven't been outside today or yesterday either honestly and I'm good with that. I've got a slight allergy tickle in the back of my throat going on, not Corona, and I just want to stay inside and tea it to death.

Since the gym was closed Amber has taken to walking the Ecopark neighborhood, fortunately social distancing is easily achieved because as soon as they see her they keep 6 feet if not more.

We had a discussion yesterday where we voiced the reality that we will be in the city of Hanoi for longer than expected and/or wanted. We had thought we would be here for 30 days before moving to Da Nang for another 30. Reality is Corona will be around next month and traveling in a closed compartment of any kind will lead to possible infection. Now we are debating on either extending in this apartment or moving closer to the city. Money will tell us which direction we will go in.

How are you doing?


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