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Day 15 & 16 Corona Chronicles | Wandering Soup

Two days and we are officially on limited shut down status in Vietnam. All non-essential shops are closed and that includes restaurants, cafes, bars, massage parlors, karaoke clubs, cinemas. Also places of worship can not organize events with large numbers of people, and there is a limit on public gatherings. Essentially work and home only for everyone who can.

We did our last deep dive grocery shopping on Friday and today, Saturday, was the first official day of no can do. I've spent most of it on the couch working on stuff along side Amber who also took a stroll with our son (the boy) through the local park. Of course keeping distance social distance, masks and gloves.

We are easily adjusting to limited living and honestly are sorta relived that the ban has went into effect. Takes away the guessing and looking around for hints of when it was possibly coming.

Surprisingly a new restaurant opened up in our "neighborhood" yesterday and we ordered pizza for dinner last night! It was good, that or I'm tired of cooking. Either or. Probably both.

The numbers are increasing at an alarming rate in the States (105,000) and Vietnam is under 200 cases, which should indicate that this is a safer place for us. But there are worries. Worries that we may experience "Foreign" backlash and be forced to leave either our apartment or the country. Not the I'm walking and pacing worry but certainly the idea is there.

As with everyone we are counting our coins as we watch business shutter or minimize their operational scale. I own a Travel Agency and as you can guess business is NIL with cancellations abounding. I know some agency owners who have seen their entire forecasted profit for 2020 go bye bye.

It is what is going to be. And we will come out on the other side. Hopefully. How are you?

Quick video before we went grocery shopping at the mall, where the grocery store is.


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