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Day 17 & 18 Corona Virus Chronicles | Wandering Soup

It's been two gloriously quiet and peaceful days here in Hanoi. Although there is some rumblings on the interwebs that we will be going into a full blown quarantine due to the hospital releasing 5000 folks, in the early days of March, who may have possibly come in contact with infected medical personnel.


We are prepared either way, groceries are stocked up though the snack supply mysteriously stays low. I'm not pointing fingers, especially the ones that are still slightly greasy from the potato chips I was eating earlier.

I'm overly fascinated by the number count that grows by the minute it seems in America, along with the number of deaths that seemingly can't be stopped in Italy. I've decided to give myself a mental break and not look at the counter for the next 48hrs or so.

On the other side of things, I'm officially tired of chicken and in some form pasta. The boy only eats chicken and packs of .50 cent noodles. The wife is Vegan. I'm stuck in the middle of it all dreaming about lamb and pork. Oh well.

What are you cooking? Feel free to share a few recipes.


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