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Dining Out and Growing In

I, Kat, eat out. Daily. I'm almost ashamed to write this. I can cook. I really can. But honestly I like eating out. I like it more than shopping for food that I can cook. I like it more than cooking. And let me repeat, I can cook.

Let me also add that I've lived alone for the last 2+ years so cooking for one is rather boring. At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. As everyone knows the living alone is changing. Soon. Like this month soon. And Amber keeps saying, baby we have to start buying groceries for the house. I ain't gonna lie. I'm slightly sad.

I like visiting my favorite spots and being greeted by my name "Hey Ms Kat!". That's love. Real love. And it extends to my food. Speaking of food, did I mention Amber is a Pesky Vegan who cooks meat for the kids. She cooks it. Doesn't taste it. You see where I'm going here.

I should tell ya'll about that Dead Sea (salty) fried chicken she cooked me once but I like living so I shall not. Please don't send me any messages asking how I swallowed it down. Cause the answer is I love her. Or ask me to tell you about how my blood stopped pumping for at least an hour and I had to go to the hospital for an IV. Dehydrated. Thirsty.

Reality, we eat out together quite a bit due to traveling back and forth and me insisting that we eat out. I mean why go to a new city and not eat out? That's a waste of gas. And time.

Anyway I wanted to share some of our favorite go to spots in Atlanta and North Carolina. If you happen to visit any tell'em Kat sent ya. Not Amber cause she ate bean sprouts and tomatoes. They won't remember her.

1. South City Kitchen -Vinings. This is our go to date spot. They turn out some great Vegan dishes along side the best fried chicken in Atlanta. Grits aren't bad either. There are two locations, I prefer this one.

2. Thai of Austell - This is one of my fav to go spots and I think they recognize my voice over the phone. Amber in particular loves the Spicy Fried Rice and I lean toward the Panang Curry with Catfish. Both are great dishes, don't get the Spicy Fried Rice unless you like hot ish!

3. Siam Square - Another of my fav Thai places. Very casual dining so don't go there in a rush. I "highly" recommend the Soft Shell Crabs with Spicy Cilantro Sauce and Fresh Mango Salsa. Last time I went the guy knew my order without me placing it. First class service. Very slow though. Easy living.

4. Beasley's Chicken & Honey - I was surprised. More surprised with the seats with no backs, essentially stools but ignoring that the waffle was amazing. Chicken was good to. Veggie sides were delicious as well. We both walked away very full and happy. Sorry Atl folks this one is in Raleigh, NC.

Dames Chicken & Waffles - I got this to go and honestly them waffles was amazing when combined with the shmears. Very sweet, almost dessert like. Them wings are big. Sorta scared me a little. I ran into Grant Hill here. I mean if that matters to you.

5. Parts & Labor - If you want real food late at night, then stop by Parts & Labor in Durham, NC. Get the Canuck Poutine. Amber says pass on the Falafel. I didn't taste them. They were green. And I don't like green food. Cause it tastes green.

Honorable mention... Shahrazad Hookah Lounge & Coffee. We had a great late date night here. Smoking and sipping on tea with fire pits and ambiance in spades. Again it's in NC but if you are ever near there go. Open late and you can sit outside or in, do out. It's worth the extra money. Go as a couple or with friends.

What's your favorite spot in your city?


Below are pics of some of our meals in Greece

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