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Dust, Mold & Bugs...Oh My! - Wandering Soup

I'm not scared of lions or tigers and bears but let me tell you what I am fearful of...this dust, mold and numerous bugs. The last week or so has been miserable! We had a major cold front that passed thru that not only dropped the temps from upper 90s to low 60's in less than 12 hrs to also lending a hand in my first sinus infection in over a year. Yea me.

You would think the minor freeze would help with the bugs. And I guess it did, the mosquitoes went away but the others are still here. Let me just say this for those in the nosebleed seats.

IF YOU DON'T LIKE BUGS, MERIDA IS NOT THE CITY FOR YOU! and that's on Mary had a little lamb.

Between sniffles an sneezes we have been battling flying and creepy crawlies. A year a go I would not have remotely imagined the number of future conversations about how to keep bugs out and humanely kill the ones who won't exit when asked politely. There are a lot who say no, no, we won't go!

I'm also researching dehumidifiers vs air purifiers, debating on which one is best or heck if I should get both for the home but mainly our bedroom, where the sniffles seem to reside or are at least born. In other words we are still settling in and life is...good. Though Amber did mention she wouldn't mind "seeing" a little snow. I wouldn't mind seeing if from in front of a fireplace on a mountain ski lodge. We shall see what next winter brings.

On the flip side my body has been craving citrus and the fruit juice here is amazing! Fresh squeezed and delivered to your door for very reasonable prices. I say this after hand squeezing 4 oranges and only getting one cup of juice and a wrist that is still mad at me today. I shall leave this to the professionals.

We living...a good life.


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