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Fat Girl Flying

You know I'm feeling really good right now, slightly tired after a whirlwind day of packing, deciding and discussing the kids and how they will live for the next week. Let alone ensuring that everything for Spain is taken care of for us. But I'm feeling good, well I was. About 16 minutes ago it hit me that I would be flying tomorrow and the apprehension set in, started thinking on the actual flight.

I like flying. I hate flying while fat. To quantify, I hate the small ass seats and tight spaces that don't contain all of my curves. I overflow. And in this instance overflow ain't nothing nice.

And due to the overflow I spend extra energy and time on picking seats, researching and insisting on sitting on a window or aisle, along with checking in exactly 24hrs on the dot. Never the middle seat even if it costs more.

So tomorrow I fly an airline that I've never flown before and I'm ready. Ready to be squeezed in, to possibly ask for a seat belt extender, to curve my shoulders in for 8 hrs so I don't intrude into another's space. All this. And I paid to do this.

Flying while fat....and sexy. We doing it.


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