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Fine Dining or....not

Amber is a Pesky-Vegan, and I'm a carnivore who doesn't like veggies. Fortunately, we are both foodies. Essentially everything will get eaten on the plate.

We are going to break it down again with a Top 5 because compromise is the key! Oh, I gotta let ya'll know that I'm sorta cheap, and I have placed us on a budget of $250 for the week food wise. Amber's soul sorta died inside when I gave her that number, but I'm serious. See toast and jam above. I'll let you know what the end cost was when we return. Now on to Top 5!

Kat's Top 5 Belly Picks

1. Chocolate Royal -I picked this place because it was listed on multiple sites as the go-to place. Honestly the menu looks rather plain, so I'm slightly worried. I'm still debating on brunch or dinner. Which one do we think we should do--dining with views of the Acropolis by day or night?

2. Ventiri Roast House - The meat. It's all about the meat. I'm sure there will be veggies on the menu. Somewhere. There or around the corner. Compromise.

3. Little Tree Books & Coffee - The reason is as simple as the name. Books and Coffee. I'll share pics for sure! I'm not even going for the Honorable mention is Roomie B. The name. I just gotta know why they picked that name.

4. Bread Factory- It's bread and desserts..oh my! Seriously click the link. Amazing pics. And no worries I will take some and eat some. I mean if we get there because compromise is the key! Yep. Good ole team compromise.

5. Simul Gastronomic Situ - The reviews were great, but I honestly chose this because of the name. I like stuff with S's. Shades, Sippin, get the picture.

There are so many restaurants and cafes to choose from that honestly if you ask me tomorrow, my Top 5 might change. Can you tell I'm excited?

Amber's Top Five

1. Rooster Cafe- This place looks fabulous, and not just because it's touted to be the gathering place for the gays. The menu looks pretty good also and has a variety of sandwiches, burgers, and salads. I'm really going for the tea though. I'm a tea fanatic and they have all types.

2. Cafe Veneti- This is a bakery/restaurant, and the pictures have me drooling. The trays of desserts, breads, and baklava (especially the baklava) are calling my name. Even I may be able to get up early for coffee and pastries, especially if there is an afternoon nap in my future.

3. Vegan Nation - I may eat better here than I have in years in NC. The menu boasts vegan tarts, cheesecake, and a yummy looking mac n cheese. I plan to eat ridiculously. Most of our food budget that the Mrs. has allotted may have to go to this place. Or not... (happy wife, happy life).

4. Agora Select - I am just astounded by water buffalo sausage. I've never seen that on a menu before, so I'd like to see what else they have going on in there. There are all kinds of meat on the menu that actually look pretty delicious. I will enjoy watching Kat dig in. The wine selection is lovely and would pair nicely with one of their tasty-sounding pasta dishes that I plan to have.

5. Oinopoleion - There are quite a few places known for late-night comfort food, but this one is the winner for me. The name means "wine-shop" and offers a selection of wines indigenous to Greece that I am keen to try. Meze dishes are served rather than whole meals. One night when we are feeling particularly grown, we can go there for our late night date night.

Where do you think we should dine?

Kat & Amber

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