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Five of Ten - Barcelona Spain

I'm hype about the trip to Spain to say the least. I am also the one mapping out our itinerary which means Where I Say Goes. In essence, I'm stoked. 

We Travel. We Eat. We Share. That is Wandering Soup. 

So eating good is definitely a priority. But Spain is also an LGBTQ oasis of sorts, so I am definitely planning for us to get to the gay-friendly venues/hangouts. More on all of that in another blog.

So far, I have identified 10 must-sees for Barcelona. Five are below. Let me know if you've think I've missed anything on this list that should be added to the next list of five. 

1. Las Ramblas - This is a central boulevard in Barcelona and an essential part of any visit to the country (so we've been told). We will definitely take advantage of the live performances, street vendors, shops, restaurants, etc of Las Ramblas. We will not be taking advantage of some of the streets other "offerings" in the shadier sections of that area. But all around, it looks like there will be plenty to do and blog about after we get there.

2. La Basilica de la Sagrada Familia - On the official website, it states that the basilica is the "expression in stone of the Christian faith."

I  just know that it's gorgeous and I've got to see it. Gaudi, the famous architect, worked on the building's design for 40 years until his death and is now buried in the temple crypt.  The structure is unfinished and still being renovated, but you can still tour it with a guide or with an audio guide. We will likely take advantage of the audio and skip the trip up to the towers. We'll see how frisky we are feeling when we get there.

3. Museo di Erotica- With over 800 pieces of erotica, the museum showcases the evolution of erotica from ancient times to the present.

There are exhibits of erotica from cultures from around the world. Of the many museums we can visit in Barcelona, I am pretty excited about this one, for obvious reasons. I am sure we will get our fill of other more  intellectual pursuits as well. (see Gaudi House Museum below)

4. Park Guell - This park was originally meant to be an estate for wealthy landowners that fortunately (for all of us) was turned into a state park after it was purchased by the City.

The park is known for its stately architecture that is unique to the work of Gaudi, the designer. Some highlights of the urban park are the winding paths, beautiful gardens, and mosaics. The Gaudi house museum is also open to tour and is where Gaudi lived in on the grounds while designing the estate. 

5. Montserrat- It will be a day trip to get to Montserrat from Barcelona where we are staying, and that journey should be exciting. I expect the train trip up the mountain alone to be breathtaking.

The Montserrat is stunning area with amazing mountaintop views and pilgrims around the world are drawn to this area on their spiritual journey. I want us to go hear the boys' choir and to see the Black Madonna shrine in the Basilica. The lines can be long to get in to see the shrine, but I expect the wait will be worth it. There is debate surrounding why the Madonna is represented as black. My position is that it is black African woman and that's the story I am sticking to. We can fight about it @sassyfrasscypressnindigo on IG.

I can't wait to get there and give you the details on sight. Be sure to comment if you have any!

Safe travels, wherever your journey takes you!


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