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Freedom to change...

We are changing our plans. Maybe. Our goal was to leave in 2020, we moved that up to late 2019 and yet again a casual question was asked or maybe a thought was expressed and here we are. Changing things around, flying...

I would reveal the new dates but honestly that may change again so why bother. Just know we are "flying" sooner than later. Maybe. Because we may change our mind again. And I'm enjoying this. This ability to change direction whenever for whatever. Be they big or small, whenever's or whatever's.

I'm enjoying Freedom in general. Notice I put a big ol "F" on Freedom. Because to a certain extent I am free. Free for the first time in a mighty mighty long time. I asked a question on my Facebook page a few days ago "You ever feel "real" free?" I got varied responses. Wasn't expecting many as it was really more of a thought for me. Due to life and how I'm now living it. Major.

All that to say, we are expressing free by changing. Don't believe us...just watch.


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