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Greece for Two

We, she and I are heading to Greece. A trip that was supposed to be for two, changed to four and is now two again. Just a different two. A great two. Similar to the first two. Love right?

It will also be the first Wandering Soup trip that's vlogged, pictured and blogged about here and on IG. Slightly exciting I must admit. I've told Amber that I'm a private person and really attempt to curate what I share online. In essence I share maybe 20% of my life, which is turning into our life. Sharing whether I want to or not. And I'm not complaining just adjusting. To US.

And speaking of us, this will be our first trip together. After the fact. That's a joke. Not a good one but a joke nonetheless. A week in Athens, Greece or rather five days. Two days of travel. That I'm not excited about. I am however happy about my compression socks. You need those if you are flying for more than five hrs. And this is certainly more than five. My first leg is nine and the second is four. I plan on reading, sleeping and reading some more. While preparing to see more of the below. Can you even imagine??? Me, a little girl from small town Mississippi and my lady, from small town North Carolina, in Athens, Greece. Not Athens GA. Nothing against Athens GA..but still.

Amber has planned our itinerary out with only one request from me, please lets not run around every day all day. One of the things I like about traveling is the chance to live like a local. That includes eating, sleeping and shopping like I live there. Walking the streets, picking a favorite coffee shop and being slightly recognized, maybe a friendly wave or two. That's my idea of a vacation.

Check out the next post, I'm going to talk more on how we are going to be living in Athens, Greece! By the way, does anyone wanna babysit Oreo? She's almost human.


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