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Have kids. Will travel.

We are moving around–ALOT. Soon the children and I will be moving from North Carolina to Georgia to live with my wife (yes, congratulations are in order!). And we already have plans to move overseas as a family within the next two years. We got a lot going on, as they say. And then there’s the trip to Greece in less than two weeks. The adults only/ grown and sexy/ 40 and fine trip. A sista needs this trip like soup needs crackers, like melanated skin needs moisture, like my lips need her …. Did I say I need this trip?

As a parent, there’s the conflict in leaving and sometimes wondering if you can have too much of a good time when away from your children.

As a woman and mother less than two weeks out from a trip to Greece, I can definitively and without question say, Hell Naw.

Do your thing, Sis!

Did the bills get paid up? Lights still on? Everybody in the house fed?

Ultimately, while we are handling the daily business life demands and enriching lives in the process (caring for small and big folks, checking our energies and checking others when necessary), we don’t always have someone who is pouring the same back into us. On the contrary, we are usually fighting with one hand behind our backs, pushing forward in the direction of goals longing to be set, while battling on several fronts: family, health, friends, maintaining home, holding on to a job, loving and learning to love.

There is a lot going on–some of it will get to a point of satisfactory resolution, and some of it won’t. Letting go of what doesn’t serve us is a whole ‘nother post.

But for those of us who manage ourselves and others every day and find it easier to control every damn thing than to walk away and have some peace, release is scary and necessary.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Go head and take that trip. (We Out!) Make that move. See yourself in an entirely new place doing a completely different thing.  Do what no one ever would have seen coming—and until now, neither did you.


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