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How to Move to Mexico - A 5 Step Plan

We have done it!

It being our 5 Part Series or Steps on How to Move to Mexico and we've done it in 5 easily manageable steps that can be consumed at your leisure many many times over as you approach each step.

Step 1 - Why?

First step is asking why you want to move. We share a little bit of our thought process and hopefully give you some insight as to your why.

Step 2 - Where?

You've answered the why, now it's time for

the where! Or as we say in real estate and moving abroad -

Location. Location. Location!!

Step 3 - Passports, Visas & Money

Here we start getting into the meat of the move and touch on the things that are extremely important.

Step 4 - Packing & Shipping Your Stuff

Wondering what to do with all "your stuff"? We share what we did and give you suggestions on what to with all that stuff!

Step 5 You Have Moved to Mexico, Now What?

The last and final step in your move to Mexico or anywhere! We share the final step to help you settle in your new country/home.


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