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How to Survive a Long Ass Flight | Wandering Travel Tours

We are heading to Cambodia by way of Singapore and Malaysia in a little over 4 weeks. Did I say 4 weeks. Yep, four weeks. Had to spell it out that time.

Anyway we have a 14hr flight to Singapore from NYC, I'm not counting the leg to NYC because well I'm just not. Mainly because that would be depressing and we aren't starting our trip off on that note.

As we are thinking about packing we also started thinking about what in the heck we were going to do with those 14hrs, more importantly what the kid was going to do as well. Below are our tips for surviving 14hrs in an economy seat.

1. Buy your tickets as early as possible with the options to choose your seat. The only thing worse than a 14hr plane ride is a 14hr plane ride in the middle seat. Unless you like the middle seat are a kid. Guess who will be in the middle seat on our row?

2. Compression socks. I stress these, even for the kid. They will keep the blood flowing even as you attempt to do yoga in the aisles. Don't do that. It's annoying to everyone and you smell like Cheetos.

3. Dress comfortably. I suggest these Travel T's. If not these then something that will stretch and breathe. Loose pants, a light sweater or hoodie wouldn't be bad either. Depending on the airline, the flight could be warm to freezing. Dress in layers.

4. I flew Qatar and received a nice little goodie bag of earplugs, socks and toothbrush/paste. Even with that I still say invest in a good pair of all of these items and a neck pillow. A thin travel blanket isn't a bad idea either. I don't trust the level of clean on the ones given. And last but not least in this grouping- good headphones and earbuds. Those dollar store ones they offer on the plane itch. Trust me. Test them out before your fly.

5. Charging cables and extra batteries. One of the saddest moments in life is getting settled into a seat on some plane to somewhere and going to plug in your phone to charge and realizing there is no plug available or the one for your seat is broken. No movies or music for you bud. No movies or music for you.

6. Bring your cell phone or kindle, the movies will bore you after awhile and you need other distractions. Download books, musics and podcasts before hand. I rarely pull out my laptop, to bulky, especially if the cheap seat in front of me reclines their seat.

7. Eat light and I say this knowing they will feed you every 3 hours. If you are lactose intolerant like me avoid dairy. It's just not worth it. Avoid heavy carb items as well and remember those bathrooms won't be cleaned during the flight. You and 50 others sharing the same toilet. Yep. Bring snacks! Just in case the food just ain't that great.

8. Moisturize. Leave the make up and perfume at home. It's gonna be dry and no one but you likes your perfume in a closed box with recirculated air. I recommend a light oil or light lotion in your carry on. Wash your face every few hours and brush your teeth. It will make you feel human.

9. Drink water. It will keep you hydrated and force you to get up from your seat, which you should do every couple of hours. Walk. Stretch. Keep the blood flowing. Don't drink the coffee. I've heard the water containers aren't cleaned out. Heard.

10. And this tip I say for every flight. Bring wet wipes! Wet wipe everything down. From the seat, seat belt, tray, armrest and the wall. Wipe it all down. You don't know who or what was in that seat before you.

Happy flying folks!


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