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I'm tired...| Wandering Soup

And for no real reason except that I'm just tired. I've taken this week to just recharge. No pressure on myself to produce, to write, to vlog to do more than be. What's interesting is that in my moments of rest I was trying to figure out if I was sad, mad or depressed anything to explain my feelings of tiredness and there was nothing there except the desire to extend my nap.

For that I'm grateful.

I'm human and my body just needed rest. I listened. I'm ready to week. As I continue to rest this week. Indulge in long naps and good food. Ingesting words written by friends.

I did see clarity in one "thing". I'll share that later after it's grown a little bit more.

Have a good weekend ya'll.


P.S. We did a "LIVE" with Girls Love Travel this week. The video wasn't the greatest but here you go!

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