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If You Had 10 Thousand Dollars, Where Would You Go?

So many great places, so many dollars, euros, pesos and yen. I almost titled this blog as 1 Million Dollars but honestly that would lead to wide speculation, confusion and me being irked that I don't have a million dollars. Ten Thousand is more doable. Well not today but someday.

Anyway back to the question at hand, where would you go with a budget of 10K? I've thought long and hard on this, asked the wife and the dog and decided I would take 3 months off and tour SE Asia or Europe. Hostel living and street food with the occasional splurge on a Michelin rated restaurant and a great hotel with one of those rain shower shower heads, one with a controllable digital temperature. I'm a simple gal who really likes hot showers.

If that idea falls through my next 10K dream would be to do one of those over water bungalows in Fiji or the Maldives. Not because I'm enamored with the idea but mainly because it's "found" money and found money means "fun, it ain't mine so why not money."

Interestingly enough when researching the Maldives, I found out that you can't really drink liquor unless you are on a resort/hotel. Selective drinking anyone?

Where would you go if given TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS of fun money?


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