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In your feelings...while traveling | Wandering Soup

It happens. Every trip you start out excited or anxious. You are READY! This may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience or maybe it's your monthly trip back home or baecation-- either way you are ready.

And then something happens. You start feeling rushed at the airport because you overslept, the pet sitter cancelled two days prior, the weather forecast calls for rain four of the five days you will be there or the person you are traveling with decides to send a last minute checklist of things they want to do and how the vacation will go.


Your mood starts to sour, and now you aren't as excited for this $1,800.00 headache. And that's okay. Being human happens. I always suggest wallowing in the feeling for a few hours, possibly a day, and then moving on because's $1,800.00.

And being honest, this feeling might occur (and probably will occur) when on vacation because once again--Human living life. Expect the anxiety of traveling to a new place, city, or country. Even when traveling as a couple or group, let alone solo, you will experience moments of loneliness. Your bestie is in another time zone and can't respond to your pics and text messages as quickly as you want, the kids are at the Grands and appear to be having a blast "without you."

On the flip side, there are the good emotions: excitement and happiness for the new adventure, new foods, and the new sights to be seen. And inner change that I believe happens with every vacation. Embrace these, actually Embrace the moment, think on what caused it, and if necessary rectify it. If not, use it as a life lesson learned, good and bad.

Every trip isn't great and every trip isn't bad. Accept who you are and who you are traveling with.


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