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It's getting hot in here...

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Sort of. I have to admit that I am slightly weird, or rather I've been weird in Merida. I've been looking forward to summer with the intensity of my favorite meal cooked by Gordon Ramsey or some other Michelin Star chef. I want all the heat!

I'm not saying I check the temperatures daily. I'm really not but...I do a sneak peek every other day or so by either pretending I'm my own personal thermometer or a quick google to confirm my theory on it's hotter today! And that means it's coming.

Today it was hotter at a rip roaring 95°F in March! Tomorrow is forecasted to be 97°F. I am seriously looking forward to the 100+ days that I know are coming. Only so I can say...."It's F++k+ng hot!" out loud every day and online. Because I know I will.

And I must add that I'm not the only person who is doing this in Merida as the topic of temperature is one that is brought up daily in all the Merida Facebook groups. There is at least one post a day asking "how do people deal with the heat" or my personal favorite "when will it be the hottest, I'm planning a trip" and the always popular though process of I would love to live in Merida but the heat. And I get it, sorta. The concern over the heat due to overabundance of posts and conversation about well the heat.

With all that being said I'm ready ya'll. I'm ready to answer all the questions about how hot is it! Ready to compare it to a New Orleans or Arizona heat. I'm more inclined to believe it will be closer to a Cambodia/Thailand heat but we shall see. In the meantime I'm excited about my chance to complain like a new expat with sunburnt skin and a little bit of heat rash. And let me tell you the hollering I'm going to do on the first triple digit day!

And yes I'm also ready to say I'm over this mess! Really that's one of the main joys of living in a hot climate. The ability to complain and commiserate with others. I shall go forth with a hop, skip and some sun screen. And a taco. Always a taco.

Check back in April...for a full report!


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