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Knowledge is free...sorta | Wandering Travel Tours

I'm in several travel groups and 90% of the time I think they are great but that 10%...just Whoooooooooooo sah.

My most recent interaction involved someone telling other members that Norwegian is a budget airline and being surprised on the flight. How sis? They only sale you the seat when you purchase and they tell you that everything else will cost you more including seat selection, luggage, food, drinks and...air. Not really on the air but it's coming soon, wait for it.

Every airline I've flown on I research, I watch Youtube videos, I read reviews, seating charts. In essence I google, cause googling is free and that basic knowledge certainly is. There's no way I would spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a trip and only research the destination that I'm going to and not how I'm getting there.

And I like budget airlines for a lot of reasons. I don't wanna pay for a microwave meal, I don't need slippers or extra soda and coffee that I shouldn't be drinking. Plus I'm cheap.

So here's my tip to you. Read, research, watch, ask friends/family and then read some more before hitting that purchase button. Take an extra hour to review what you are spending you money. A great deal is only a great deal when you factor in all costs. And I'm not pointing a finger or placing blame, just offering...knowledge for free. And if you don't want to do all of this, hire your neighborhood friendly Travel Advisor.

On a personal tip has anyone flown AirAsia Flatbed? We are debating on if it's worth the extra cost or not for our next 6hr flight.


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