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Letting Go...

It's that time of year to let go as the old year departs and the new year begins.

Here is a list of "Traveling" things that we suggest you let go.

1. Expecting more than a seat in economy. Yep. You got the cheap seat for a reason, you cheap. And as such you should not expect real plates, forks and knives or complete silence on that 8 hr flight to your dream destination. If the seat lays back and you can watch free movies, it's a win!

2. Expecting airplane food to be good. It's just not. Eat and accept that.

3. This ain't America. You didn't travel 12 hours in a hot box cramped seat with subpar food to compare everything to America. Let it go or go back home.

4. A regular sized bathroom. Let that dream go as well. A lil dribble is your new reality.

5. Mass confusion not to occur as you go through TSA. It will. Factor it in and let go. You going on vacation. A dream vacation.

6. Cheap airport parking. It won't happen. Download Uber or Lyft. Don't ask a friend. No one really wants to take you to the airport. No one.

7. Six suitcases. No one needs that much luggage when traveling. No one. Par down to one bag and a carry on AT MOST. Leave your laptop at home. You won't need it. Tell work you are on vacation. A dream vacation!

8. You will wait. It happens. Literally hundreds of thousands of people are moving through the airport that you are at on that exact day. This will lead to lines. Lines that you at times will be at the back of. Let it go.

9. All trips will cost money. Accept this and save/spend smartly.

10. You don't have to travel with a group or even your partner. Go solo. Just go.


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