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Lights Out in Merida, Mexico! - Wandering Soup

Surprise, surprise the power went out in Merida, not as bad as Texas, not by a long shot and we are thankful. Being honest it wasn't the first time since we've been here and nowhere near the first time we've experienced power outages on our travels, significant or otherwise.

The difference this time is us. We've been a little complacent. When that dark hit it was dark and hot! Quickly. And we had nothing in this now dark and hot house.

As I said we were use to power outages in SE Asia as they are common and frequently announced. Not always but enough. This happened mainly in Cambodia so much so that we became experts if you will on what to do! We had rechargeable flashlights in each room, additional candles, portable cell phone chargers along with continual local service on at least one phone. The phone service was crucial so that we could order a ride for a quick getaway to a coffee shop or restaurant, that had a generator. Once there we would enjoy air conditioned bliss and Cambodian delicacies till the power was restored.

Night time was sometimes slightly easier in that if we were already in bed it was just another one of those hot nights and you just dealt with it. We sort of did the same here the day the power went out without all the extra supplies. Which is why we are now going to purchase said supplies so that we aren't caught in the dark again. We've been told that the power going out isn't normal but this isn't a normal time for anyone so we will err on the side of caution and plan for total darkness and heat. Summer is coming. Yeah.....

Tip: Add a flashlight to your must haves where ever you land!


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