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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

We've been doing all of that for the last two weeks or so and we have at least a month or more ahead of us before we finally settle into our new home Cambodia. We've traveled through GA, MS, FL and are now in NC.

I'm over it. And I don't mean that in a bad way, just in a I can't find my phone charger, the remote to the firestick and more importantly my chapstick. Like seriously where is my dang chapstick?!?

I am a very organized person who believes that everything has a place and that place has been defined by me. When things aren't there I become...well I become my grandmother, maybe my momma and a few aunts.

On the flip side we've stayed in some nice Airbnb's the last few weeks. The boys have enjoyed. I've been paranoid about a bad review and breakage. Luv has endured, worked and took the steering wheel. I took a mini bornday break - hence the lack of blogs and travel deals. I'm back. You ready?

After writing all that I can honestly say it's been nice to travel with Luv, the boys and Oreo who now resides happily in Fl. I'm just ready to get to the final destination, to stop eating out (lawd that gingerbread Waffle at Dames today though) and to finally find a place for me and all my stuff. I'm homesick for the feeling of home.

Below are some pics of the so far three residences we have stayed in. Just a few because I didn't take a I didn't think about it til after the fact. I will do better once we hit SE Asia. June 4th we fly out. Woosah.




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