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Merida - Dining during a Pandemic!

What do you do in a new city during a Pandemic? You eat. Seriously that's all we've done. And ride around staring at buildings that you can't really go in or ones you don't want to go due to the big C.

Fortunately for us Ubereats and Rappi have been easy to use generally though there have been some hiccups! Mainly credit card issues; card not being accepted, denied by the bank. Typical stuff that's mainly annoying more than anything and resolvable with a few clicks, emails or calls.

With that being said we've also eaten out fairly often, not as often as we would like when moving to a new city but enough to develop favorites! And below are a few in no particular order:

Oliva Enoteca

A great Italianese style restaurant with solid dishes. The dishes are plentiful in portions and great in person or via delivery, which is what we've experienced more than not. One of my personal fav's is the risotto di mari and fritto misto. There are several restaurants in their portfolio such as Oliva Pizzeria and Oliva Kitchen amongst many others, they even a coffee shop Latte Quattro Sette. If you want to experience it all then Oliva Merida is the restaurant option for you. Depending on your location in the city you may be able to order delivery via Rappi or Ubereats.

Marmalade Kitchen Bar

One of our favorite Saturday morning treats is a late breakfast at Marmalade Kitchen Bar. There are two locations with the one in Centro being on the small side with seating of ten people max at one time. The staff is small but the food and portions are perfect. This place is perfect for everyone as they offer dishes that are vegan, vegetarian & pescatarian. And if you don't see exactly what you want they will happily modify. Don't forget to get a glass of fresh squeezed juice! You can dine in or to go at the small take-away window.

Sonora Grill

Like Steak? Then this is the restaurant for you! Great restaurant with plenty of spacious seating with very attentive staff. The food is slightly cheaper than typical American style steak houses but the ambiance and taste match any that you will have experienced in the U.S. My one and only complaint was the loudness of the music. It was club loud for no apparent reason, this lead to us and the rest of the restaurant speaking much louder than necessary for dinner conversation. Depending on your location in the city you may be able to order delivery via Rappi or Ubereats.

Pan & Kof.feé

Another breakfast favorite for a good cup of coffee and baked goods. The energy here is fantastic and is great place to grab a light breakfast and possibly do a little bit of work. Not long though as there is a 90 minute seating max, which is totally understandable due to the space size and again the energy. The bread here is amazing so don't forget to take a loaf home with you. Dine in or take away options only.

Porfinios Restaurante

Another great restaurant that is a mix of Italian and steak house that will again meet everyone's needs so don't despair if you are a Vegan or firm meat eater. We celebrated the New Year here and everyone at the table left full and happy. Amber is still talking about the cauliflower appetizer that really could have been an entrée. Depending on your location in the city you may be able to order delivery via Ubereats.


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