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Moms Be Like

Have you ever noticed that we as mothers are not the same people when away on a vacation?

10 Signs of a mom on vacation:

1. Stays up most of the night for no good reason except because

it's a vacay and she can.

2. Has to stop at every store to scan for things to buy out of guilt for the

people she went on the trip to get away from.

3. Drinks coffee at random times throughout the day.

4. Rationalizes drinking wine at whatever o'clock (to wind down from the coffee).

5. Eats dessert for breakfast (also: lunch or dinner)

6. All of a sudden knows every song/dance at the bar/event.

7. Karaoke

8. Talks it up with strangers although she's warned children not to.

9. Advocates for dinner out instead of cooking in the room because it

"makes more sense."

10. Now, the fact that the kids are on their phones/game way too much is okay

because she can chat with them while away.

Be one, Love on one! Either way-- Happy Travels!


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