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Moving in and Settling Down

Street in Merida with colorful buildings

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We have done it. After a year or two of nomadic roaming from country to country and home to home, we have moved into our "fornow" home for the next year!

It's an exciting time and a relief. I didn't realize until attempting to settle in and figuring out what we need to make this home ours, at least for the next year, that I was over the moving around or really over the moving and living in homes that we didn't truly enjoy.

Every home we lived in for a day, a week, a month or several months had things we didn't like, things we settled for in the spirit of it fit our budget, it's what you get here and it's only temporary.

We typically go through a list of "must haves" for every new home we move into whether it's down the street or a new country, there are always new things to purchase. New ways to navigate the same daily tasks in new kitchens, bathrooms and work spaces. It was fun the first two times or so after that it became more a matter of can we do without it with the answer generally being How many *counter top ovens can you purchase in two years? The answer is I won't even get into the other kitchen utensils or cords, lights and semi permanent furniture that we had to have to make the temp rentals feel like home.

Not to say we won't be buying a lot of the same here because we will but we will be purchasing knowing that we will be at least using it for the next year or more. That's a "pocket book" relief.

I've missed being "comfortable" in a space. Hopefully this home will give us that. I'm excited either way. To be settled in the midst of the pandemic, to be happy, to be just be still. Be sure to check out the upcoming video showing he new home. And if you haven't subscribed...why not?

See you "around" Merida!


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