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We've been in Cambodia since June, it feels much longer, in good and bad ways. Good in that we stopped running and have savored life as it comes daily, hourly. Bad in hey I'm American and I'm learning the world does not revolve around me and what I want/expect. Even that's good. Right?

We've visited three countries so far on this journey, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. All extremes in regards to infrastructure after living here. So much so that we learned a few things about each other, self and otherwise. Another good right?

I'm using these semi-long sentences to tell you all that we will be on the move come January of 2020 and we are switching home bases from Cambodia to Malaysia. We plan on being there for at least three to six months before possibly moving on to another home base.

The reason for the move is two-fold, main one being money. It's cheaper to fly from a major airport such as KL vs a much smaller Siem Reap. And one of our main reasons for this move was to see the world as cheaply as possible. Secondly is infrastructure. We enjoy the basics a little bit more than we thought we did. So we are going back to a little bit more western like stability and amenities. Being honest.

During the six months in KL we will do what we wanted to do once we moved here, travel. We've outlined at least one country each month, aiming for two. We'll see what luggage and dollars say.

With our remaining time in Cambodia we are planning on seeing as much as possible. Amber has all the remaining temples outlined, I wouldn't mind a trip to the beach or the Capital. The boy had no opinion to offer he was to busy playing Roblox and ignoring us as usual.


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