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Moving to Portugal! | Wandering Soup

We continue our Moving Abroad series and this week we will focus on Portugal!

Below is a quick nutshell view for those that don't want to watch the Vlog:

Land- Yes! And you don't have to be a resident. There's a well developed real estate market in Portugal that is running at high speed right now with prices increasing at what I consider an alarming rate. If you are going to jump, jump now.

Business Ownership - Yes you can's not going to be easy or cheap. From "You must first have a valid work permit or a visa type that allows you to start a business, as well as having the minimum capital to invest in the new company. Non-EU residents may qualify for the Golden Visa, which is designed to bring innovation and new business into the country. In addition to any necessary visas, you will also need a Portuguese residency card, social security number, and tax number." In essence you can't walk in the door expecting to open a business.

Citizenship - There are quite a few ways you can achieve Portuguese citizenship for those from the U.S the list below would more than likely apply:

  • Marriage to a Portuguese citizen

  • Descent or birth (Portuguese by origin)

  • Naturalization after six years of residence

And if all else fails buy property valued at more than $500,000 and you are 5 years.

Medical - Ranked 13th in Europe healthcare is good and provided thru the National Health Service and is available to all residents of Portugal. If not you can also pay for Private insurance which will more than likely apply til you meet the Visa requirements.

Education - Good news here, you can do a state school (generally free) or a private school.

LGBTQI Friendly - You couldn't be any gayer in Portugal! From Idealist - Portugal was elected the most hospitable destination in the world for the LGBTI community, sharing first place in the ranking with Canada and Sweden, according to the Spartacus International Gay Guide Index 2019. Being honest this is more than likely from a white perspective but hey!

*Cost of Living - It's inexpensive but costly? And costly will mainly be toward costs for housing. Rental prices have went up significantly in the last few years due to Portugal's rating as top destination for anyone and everyone. If your desire is to save money, this may not be the destination of choice but if you have a steady average to above average income then Portugal will be a great choice. Even better if you live outside of the

Hopefully the above helps you! Where shall we look at next?


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