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Moving to South Africa! | Wandering Soup

We are continuing our weekly series on Moving Abroad, this week we are "Moving to South Africa!" This was interesting researching as the country didn't interest me as a possible choice but finding out what could be has certainly opened my eyes to the possibilities. Hopefully you will find what we've shared interesting as well!

Below is a quick nutshell view for those that don't want to watch the Vlog:

Land- Yes! Foreigners can own and register a mortgage on immovable property in South Africa without restrictions. Expect to put at least 10% down.

Business Ownership - Yes you can. You will need to apply for a Visa to do so and there will be other requirements as well:

All the normal eligibility criteria apply to a business visa application but in addition, prospective applicants should be aware of:

  • The need of a capital equivalent or cash investment of at least ZAR 5 million into the business via from funds from abroad; and The need for 60% of your workforce to be South African citizens or permanent residency holders; and

  • The setting up of a suitable company structure and comprehensive business plan.

This is a great country for an entrepreneur who is looking for new ground to start from.

Citizenship - Yes but unlike some countries that we've looked at so far there are additional requirements beyond a desire to move. You will need to have a needed skill set, sound and good character and there is also a mandatory in person interview. If you have worked in the country for 5 years or more on a work visa, you will more than likely be granted citizenship if applied for, this will also apply to your spouse/children.

Medical - On par in regards to standards and care with US/European hospitals with the added benefit of *possibly* being cheaper. You will pay based on how much you make and the number of dependents you have, so health/medical insurance is a must.

Education - In a nutshell not good, you will need to invest in your child's education and possibly do remote learning with an accredited online school. "In the 2015 OECD rankings, which rates countries on the levels of maths and science at the age of 15, South Africa finished second from bottom, in 75th place. In the Pisa rankings, it was a similar story, with the country failing to reach the top 40 for either reading or maths."

Cost of Living - It's relatively inexpensive compared to say major or even a medium sized city living in the U.S. Your dollars will stretch here and the weather is great as well. Bonus!

LGBTQI Friendly- You can be gay here, one of the few areas on the continent where you are a protected citizen. But similar to America there is some discrimination and issues may arise.

Hopefully the above helps you! Where shall we look at next?


*All information for "Moving to South Africa" may change, please remember do your research*

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