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Moving to Spain!

We are continuing our Move Abroad series and this week we are Moving to Spain!

Below is a quick nutshell view for those that don't want to watch the Vlog: Land- Yes! There are no restrictions to purchasing commercial or residential or even just a track of land. Be aware that most home owners in Spain own their homes without a mortgage and you will have to have a financial number which can acquire by visiting a police station with your passport. Do NOT buy a home/property/land sight unseen.

Business Ownership - The short answer is yes you can, the long answer is there are layers and the paperwork/bureaucracy may make the process more complicated than it needs to be. Get a lawyer to assist. Vet them. Citizenship - Yes, if you've got the time (5 Years) you can apply for permanent residence. After 10 years, you can apply for Spanish nationality. Or you can marry a Spanish citizen. Your choice. There are also pros/cons of deciding to be either of being a permanent residence or choosing to become a Spanish citizen.

Medical - Spain's single-payer health care system is ranked seventh best in the world by the World Health Organization. Spain has both public and private healthcare systems. The public system provides free basic healthcare to those who contribute to the Spanish social security system and their families. If you are not a pensioner, employed person or officially a resident in Spain you will not qualify for free medical treatment under the Spanish public system. Get Health Insurance.

Education - It's free and mandatory for those ages 6 to 16. There are also a lot of options such as free state Spanish schools, subsidized private schools, bilingual schools, and fully independent international schools. And it's legal to home school as well. Do your research to decide which would be best for your child/children and remember that local/state schools will more than likely speak Spanish and not be bilingual.

Cost of Living - As with a lot of countries it's really relative to you and your comfort level. Will you be living and working as a digital nomad or possibly owning a business or a worker of a local business? Salaries will vary and standards will differ. Certain cities in Spain will be cheaper than say living in NYC but comparable to living in a major city in Germany.

LGBTQI Friendly- Spain legalized both same-sex marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples in 2005. Transgender individuals are allowed to change their legal gender without the need of sex reassignment surgery or sterilization. Discrimination in employment regarding sexual orientation has been banned nationwide since 1995. LGBT people are allowed to openly serve in the military and MSMs have been allowed to donate blood since 2005. Hopefully the above helps you! Where shall we look at next? Kat *All information for "Moving to Spain" may change, please remember do your research* #WanderingSoup #MovingtoSpain #MovingAbroad

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