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New blog. Who dis?

Not really but I feel as if I've been focusing on the Youtube channel so much and not doing "the work" over here. I'm working on it but wouldn't mind a little input from you, our reader. Well that's if you are reading what I'm putting out! What do you want to read about regarding travel, life in Da Nang and heck our personal

In the meantime I wanted to talk about things I'm doing to stay busy during this Covid-19 Quarantine in Da Nang, Vietnam.

  1. I'm a night owl who isn't opposed to waking up early so I'm not focusing on a schedule as much. I just ensure that I'm up walking around by noon. Fortunately my inner body clock is waking me up as early as 6am most days, 9 or 10 on the others.

  2. I'm getting into cooking again and venturing out of my standard comfort zone. I live with a Vegan (Amber) and a sometime vegetarian (the boy) and I was attempting to cook meals that would work for all. I've moved away from that while ensuring that I'm meeting everyone's need.

  3. I'm reading...less. Yep surprised me as well. I typically read two or three books a week, I've dropped down to about one and savoring it a little bit more.

  4. I've watched hours and hours of stupid TV. Just makes the day go faster watching something that doesn't require much from me. I've let series TV go. I don't mentally want to follow a plot right now, see 3.

  5. I'm fantasy researching our next move. Seriously there are 50 thousand blogs, vlogs and articles about everything now. I while away the day cruising the internet for interesting gems of information. It's been fun!

  6. And last but certainly not least, I give myself grace and room to feel whatever I'm feeling on that day. Sad, happy, glad. It all comes out freely.

And that's about it. Life is being lived in color. Follow our channel if you want to "see".


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