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New things

Wandering Soup - Traveling Folk

We are attempting new things or maybe more along the lines of continuing what we are doing in a professional vein.

We travel. We talk about traveling. We eat. Bad or good. We share traveling tips. We share our traveling experiences. And now we are "becoming" Travel Agents, actually that should be "are" Travel Agents. That's right we have turned our passion into our business. We, Amber and I, hope to share our love of travel with you by offering the best travel plans, all inclusive packages and destinations at the best prices.

We are the one stop shop for solo experiences, group destination trips, cruises and once in a life time destination trips. Search our site for not only ideas but tips and information regarding passports, visa's and food!

Wandering Soup - Group Travel

Our group focus is on small economical group travel and to that end we will offer five yearly guided group trips to those places that you've always wanted to visit at a reasonable cost. Our first trip will be in September of 2019 and we are going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Join us!

To find out more visit with us at

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Kat & Amber

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