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New Year, New....something or other

Have you missed us?

No need to answer, I know you have! We took a brief break to enjoy the holiday season and visiting family. And because I just wasn't in the mood to write anything more than a signature. With that being said, we are back! And better than ever in the year of our Lourdes 2022.

So many parts of Merida and the Yucatan to explore and share. A new home to move into, one that we are truly excited about because we will finally have furniture of our choosing after 2.5 years of whatever's in the home we rented! Ya'll can not comprehend the....excitement of this and the expense. Who knew that Mexico was so pricey for basic things? We knew....and yet we still chose to go this route because life said I need a better couch and so I listened!

The Yucatan won't be the only place or thing that we will be exploring as we plan to get back to traveling...some. Not a lot but enough to keep us grounded in the original purpose of our big move abroad, see the world, one sight and one bite at at time.

So far we have two cruises planned, Covid or One featuring the multi-talented singer and entertainer Frenchie Davis which is Adult ONLY on Virgin Voyages. The other is more family friendly on Carnival Cruise Line in August.

Here's a little bit more information about the cruise hosted by Frenchie...a little tease if you will. Feel free to join us on either or both! All are LGBTQI friendly of course.

Add to all of the cruising we will be celebrating my bornday in somebody's country! Not sure where as of yet and of course Covid will lend his hand and point to the best possible destination with the least amount of harm and worry but I will say that Ireland, England and Poland are at the top of my list. Don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you outside of why not.

Where do you think I should go to celebrate my year around the sun?


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