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Pride Season is Coming! | Wandering Travel Tours

Or rather here but either way we will be in travel mode this summer and won't get a chance to experience any Stateside Prides. We still wanted to share with you a list of all the Prides here and everywhere! Maybe you can plan a trip to coincide with Pride somewhere in the world.

Let's start with Black Pride here in the good ole US of A. I remember back in the good old days when the Pride season didn't start til Spring. Well that is no more! Pride is year round in more ways than one.

Since it's April, head over to Philly Black Pride. We missed Pride in Boston in Feb. Yes, you read that right, in February. I don't know who planned that one but....okay. If Philly is to soon for you planners, there is always DC Black Pride in May, Austin Black Pride in June and so on and so on. Don't forget the smaller Prides that occur in your hometown and if there isn't one BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME.

And for those who like ALL the Prides in the U.S. here's a great list of those organized by City versus date so look carefully for the areas around you. Who knew Anchorage AK had a Pride? I didn't. Watch out for the Bears...pun intended.

And last but not least

Here's a list to plan your travels around! Although I must say that I'm surprised that Cambodia's Pride festival isn't listed. It's 10 days long! I was happy to see ones listed for Barcelona and Athens, two great trips taken last year that I could have planned around Pride. Could have but let's be honest, the tickets were on sale for the dates they were on sale!

Happy Pride Folks!


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