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Random Living...

I was sitting here struggling to focus and write on something or other, including this book that I need to get out this year. Ya'll keep me lifted, that or send writing prompts cause a sister is struggling to get this passion project out.

Maybe the passion isn't there.

Anyway I digress, because you know distractions, I realized that there isn't much I wanted to talk about this week. Life has me doing other things and there's nothing wrong with doing those other things. Focusing on that for one week, maybe more. But I'm open to it.

Being real, I've been busy. Busy learning some new things that I feel are necessary for the next steps on my journey, taking care of my health because family genetics are a beast and of course loving on annoying Amber and the

We are in a groove of sorts in our new dedicated workspace, figuring out form and function and of course which seat offers better air flow from the a.c. unit! I think Amber won that one. I've been trying out new recipes because if I'm being honest I'm slightly over Mexican or rather Yucatán food.

We are also planning our next steps. School for the boy, trips for the family - back home and around Mexico. We've put traveling off slightly due to the *Panorama* numbers continuing to rise in this area and not feeling as safe as we would like to.

So yea a lot of random living going on over here. How you be in your world?


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