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Shero happens

My heroes don’t appear on no stamp. 

Not most of them anyway—

My recent (notsogreat) memory tells me that Langston Hughes and Lorraine Hansberry have both graced the American stamp at one time. But by and large, queer folks of color are not the people that are touted and praised in the mainstream. That’s why I love co-facilitating Wandering Soup with my wife and partner-in-crime. This outfit and others like it on social media are where we can boast and brag, without shame or restraint, about our heroes and our sheroes (also at Shades Retreat).  And I have plenty.  I get lofty with James Baldwin while at the same time getting low with Chika Oranika. I have a passion for food, so the queer chefs out here living their best life (I see you Chef Shonda!) really inspire me to eat and try all the good things life has to offer. My sistas in Spirit like Richael Faithful (IG @richaelfaithfulfolkhealer) and Shakita Royster (IG @theredemptionseries) are daily reminders of the work out here to do while never forgetting the internal work.The brave queer artists who bare their soul and peel back layers for us to see/hear/ live by are the ones I seek on my timeline and to support in real life whenever possible. And the Traveling Folks that grace our site with their stories and their shine are true motivation for our love of all things travel and we hope to keep sharing that spirit of wanderlust with y’all into the future.

Out here celebrating my queer heroines and heroes everyday and showing appreciation for all those stars continuing to shine!


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